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the Art of Soil

large ornaments

large ornaments

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Soil-based watercolor mini ecopods set in round cherry (lighter) and walnut (darker) wood ornaments hung using hemp twine with an info card attached. Available as 3.7” (LARGE) rounds with 19 colors. All ornaments are packaged in a rigid the Art of Soil box.

Options include sparks and island in both cherry and walnut wood - colors shown in images. The ISLAND option contains the same colors in the earth & water small ornaments plus some others while the SPARKS option contains the same colors as the wind & fire small ornaments plus some others.

Mini ecopods are approximately 0.5 ml of dry semi-spherical soil-based watercolor paint. They are set in a small depressions in the base. When you receive the item, press the minis into the wells to ensure they’ll stay in place when hung vertically. If a mini ecopod pops out - place a drop of water in the well, press back into place, and allow to dry.

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