pan-free watercolor paint seeking to reduce unnecessary plastic waste

When we first started making soil-based watercolors, we absolutely loved the process and paint, but were concerned with the amount of plastic half pans we were purchasing, filling, and sending out into the consumer stream. After experimenting with tablets, pods, cubes, and any other pan-free shape we could dream up - we've settled on offering paints as semi-spherical ecopods™ and mini ecopods™.

handful of mini ecopods

These paints take a little longer to dry in the studio but are worth the wait. You can purchase them with or without a palette (aka pan-free). The idea behind the pan-free option is you can use them as refills for our wooden palettes or just pop them into an existing palette or dish that you already have.

wooden bowl containing ecopods

Ecopods are approximately 1.5 ml - the same volume as a standard half pan while the mini ecopods are approximately 0.5 ml in volume. We have tested the spreadability of the mini ecopods and were able to cover 1-2 full sheets of 8.5 x 11 paper with one. Enough to try, fall in love with, and/or accent a piece of work.

tray of mini ecopods

Small pan-free ecopods and mini ecopods can pose a choking hazard and are not intended to be used by children without direct adult supervision.