wooden palettes

Our wooden palettes are thoughtfully designed & crafted in-house by Rob (a landscape ecologist turned woodworker). We dream up a design, prototype it, and run with it. That's the beauty of making our own wooden palettes, they are uniquely designed for our soil-based watercolors. 

wood palettes

When I (Karen) initially started making paint, I was unsatisfied with the available palettes. I tried making some simple square palettes with circular holes - but they were pretty basic. Enter Rob, my husband. The person in my life who has shown me time after time that everything is possible if you’re willing to put the work in and figure it out.

wood palettes

Rob has been creating wooden (and sometimes grass - bamboo) palettes for The Art of Soil since early 2021. He uses sustainably harvested wood, super-strong rare-earth magnets, Tung oil for sealing, and plant-based epoxy for coating the mixing spaces.

wooden palette deconstructed