table description

color number A systematic number used by us to track all colors produced.
color name Name of each soil-based watercolor that are created by us. Some names are for the dominant mineral pigment while others are selected by us for other reasons.
pigment type

NATURAL SOIL MINERALS: watercolors are all natural and made with 100% soil minerals + watercolor media.

SOIL + NON-TOXIC SYNTHETIC PIGMENT: watercolors are soil-based with no less than 50% soil minerals plus added non-toxic synthetic pigments, made in the lab, to reach particular colors.

lightfastness rating Lightfastness is a property of a pigment describing the resistance to fading when exposed to light. More information is shared in our blog about lightfastness and in this document.
honey use Most of our watercolors are made with the addition of honey (a humectant). Colors without the addition of honey are noted here as "w/o honey."