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the Art of Soil

52 mini ecopods in a metal palette

52 mini ecopods in a metal palette

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This palette contains all of our current soil-based watercolors in a slim palette with mixing space on the lid. 52 mini ecopods of soil-based watercolor paint plus a large mixing pan - all set in an Art Toolkit brand folio palette. Rust-proof aluminum case measures 5-5/16" x 3-3/8" x 1/4"* (~135mm x 86mm x 7mm) when closed.

*When you receive this palette, it will not close completely. Instead of removing paint from the mini ecopods when we filled these palettes, we elected to leave them larger and proud (meaning some extend above the height of the small square pans) such that this lid will not close flat until the paints are used and their size is reduced. If this is a concern, please do not purchase this palette.

Cards for each of the 12s (12A - earthy, 12B - bold, 12C - mineral, and 12D - vibrant) are included. The remaining 4 colors are 54 - resilience, 95 - erosion, 96 - glacial meltwater, and 97 - wildfire sun.

Palettes are packaged with colors grouped by collection (see annotated photo) - it doesn’t look great but it is an attempt to keep things organized so if you want to re-arrange, you may want to use a permanent marker to note the colors on the bottom of each pan. An info card is also included that has a grid that you can fill in with the color numbers in the arrangement you choose.

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