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the Art of Soil

colors of the carbon rainbow

colors of the carbon rainbow

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Colors of the Carbon Rainbow were assembled to signify carbon pools in our environment. From charred forest remains to lush marshy vegetation, carbon is dynamic and critical for life. We hope you are able to connect, create, and learn with this symbolic palette. The carbon cycle is vital to life on Earth. Natural cycling tends to keep carbon levels balanced; however, humans have upset this balance by burning fossil fuels (among other ways). This has added more carbon to the atmosphere than can be stabilized naturally and is causing climate change. Read the article in Nature called The colours of carbon.

Cherry (lighter) and walnut (darker) wooden palettes are 2.5” x 5” x 1” and contain 8 ecopods set in the wells with a plant-based epoxy mixing space on the underside of the lid - held together with magnets on both sides.

A percentage of the proceeds from the sale of this palette will be donated to the Soil Health Institute - a non-profit whose mission is “to safeguard and enhance the vitality and productivity of soil through scientific research and advancement. The Institute works with its many stakeholders to identify gaps in research and adoption; develop strategies, networks and funding to address those gaps; and ensure beneficial impact of those investments to agriculture, the environment and society.”

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