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the Art of Soil

24 pan-free mini ecopods

24 pan-free mini ecopods

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Twenty-four soil-based watercolor mini ecopods are packaged LOOSE in our new compostable bags with rigid, 32-pt card and desiccant pouch. Mini ecopods can be attached to the card with a drop of water (video showing mini ecopod placement for bold & vibrant + earthy & mineral).

Mini ecopods are packaged with an intentional left and right side. The left and right sides are packaged to make identification easier and the color placement on the cards orderly. Before your open the pouches - be sure to identify which side is which - for earthy & mineral - look for the light gray ash (68) mini ecopod to be on the right side and for bold & vibrant - look for the white titania (79) mini ecopod to be on the left side. It should make sense when it’s in your hands :)

Ecopods™ and mini ecopods™ can pose a choking hazard and are not intended to be used by children without direct adult supervision.

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